My professional and personal experience uniquely qualifies me to produce positive results in Individual, Family, Couples, Adolescent, and Drug/Alcohol addiction therapies.

I have been providing private psychotherapy for over 20 years in the Conejo Valley and surrounding areas. In addition, I have retired with over two decades of employment working in law enforcement as a Manager in California’s Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation.

Aside from my work experience and Graduate degree from USC in Social Work, some of my experience includes: Developing the Division of Addiction and Recovery Services for California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation, consulting for Department of Mental Health’s Foster Care Program, drug and alcohol use/abuse assessment and counseling, providing traditional psychotherapy for families and children at mental health clinics, motivational speaker at local colleges and drug treatment facilities, facilitating teen groups, developing psycho-social “teen-programs”, employment as a Probation Officer & Parole Agent for at-risk youth and adults, and providing in-service trainings for administrators and teachers at private and public schools.

I treat a wide variety of individuals and families who present with many different issues. Regardless of the presenting issue(s), my treatment philosophy/approach is based on insight, trust, respect for ones self- determination, honesty, fairness, and creating “win-win” relations for a lifetime.

In sum, I have over 25 years of experience successfully working with a wide variety of individuals, couples, adolescents, and families from virtually every economic and social background. If you have any questions or want to learn more about the services I provide, please feel free to contact me anytime. The call is confidential.

"Todd thanks for making yourself so available to us in our time of need. It feels good to know that you are close by and we can always make contact with you (especially in times of crisis). Your professionalism and compassion in your work is admired. I am sure we will be calling soon."

− J.P.

"Todd, at this point, you have seen my entire family for years. You have always made all of us feel heard and understood. You have helped all of us at different times deal with so many types of issues; from daily events to life and death crisis. You make yourself so available in those needed times and it is so much appreciated."

− N.D.

"I started seeing Todd years ago. I initially called Todd on the phone. He returned my call within a few hours. After talking with Todd over the phone, I felt relieved in that I knew Todd was the “right guy” for me. He immediately was able to build rapport and a connection with me. I am very confident in Todd’s ability to effectively and appropriately handle anything I present to him (please know, I have presented some serious stuff). Todd, thank you for always being in my corner!"

− A.A.

"I reached out to Todd when I was in a mental crisis during my adolescent years. I was struggling with depression, alcohol and drug use, and issues regarding growing up as my own individual with my own views separate from that of my parents or society. Todd was extremely empathetic, non-judgmental, and non-biased during every interaction with him in the office, on the phone, or through email. I felt as if Todd truly cared about me and was not only dedicated to treating me as best as possible, but was interested in understanding who I was as a person. Almost 10 years later I am about to complete medical school and I could not thank Todd more for how he touched my life. I would recommend Todd without reservation to anyone I hold close."

− C.L.