As a Family Therapist, for many years, I have been fortunate that I have had the opportunity to work with families from many different cultural and economic backgrounds.

My successful work with families utilizes a “Systems Approach”: Each family member plays a significant role in the overall “family system.” I believe that family relationships are paramount in each member’s overall psychological happiness.

I have been providing family therapy to families who present with many different types of situations such as; one member of family acting out at school or home, economic stress, a family member having a drug/alcohol addiction, extended and step-family issues, chronic physical/mental health issues, and helping families go through the divorce process in the “healthiest” possible manner.

I have been successful in helping families getting over, what I refer to as, the “speed-bumps” that all families deal with, and as a result, deepen family connections for a lifetime.

"Todd was highly recommended to us from another therapist. We did not know what else to do about our son’s drug and alcohol behaviors. We were not only concerned about his behaviors but how his behaviors were negatively affecting our family. After numerous family sessions, Todd helped us learn, as a family, how to cope with our son’s behaviors. Once this happened, we learned more about some of the causes of our son’s behaviors, which helped in redirecting him into better activities. Thank you Todd for getting our family back on track."

− T.G.

"My husband and I came to Todd for his help in telling our two children about our pending divorce. Although it was a very difficult process, Todd made the process as painless as possible. Both of our children felt very comfortable with Todd and his style. Todd was able to connect with both our son and daughter in a calm and empathetic manner. Thank you Todd for making yourself so available for us during that very difficult time. You are so good at what you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

− L.P.