I have helped countless people work through a wide range of issues. Here are just a few testimonials from my clients.

Individual Therapy

“I reached out to Todd when I was in a mental crisis during my adolescent years. I was struggling with depression, alcohol and drug use, and issues regarding growing up as my own individual with my own views separate from that of my parents or society. Todd was extremely empathetic, non-judgmental, and non-biased during every interaction with him in the office, on the phone, or through email. I felt as if Todd truly cared about me and was not only dedicated to treating me as best as possible, but was interested in understanding who I was as a person. Almost 10 years later I am about to complete medical school and I could not thank Todd more for how he touched my life. I would recommend Todd without reservation to anyone I hold close.”

− C.L.

“Todd thanks for making yourself so available to us in our time of need. It feels good to know that you are close by and we can always make contact with you (especially in times of crisis). Your professionalism and compassion in your work is admired. I am sure we will be calling soon.”

− J.P.

“I started seeing Todd years ago. I initially called Todd on the phone. He returned my call within a few hours. After talking with Todd over the phone, I felt relieved in that I knew Todd was the “right guy” for me. He immediately was able to build rapport and a connection with me. I am very confident in Todd’s ability to effectively and appropriately handle anything I present to him (please know, I have presented some serious stuff). Todd, thank you for always being in my corner!”

− A.A.

Family Therapy

“Todd was highly recommended to us from another therapist. We did not know what else to do about our son’s drug and alcohol behaviors. We were not only concerned about his behaviors but how his behaviors were negatively affecting our family. After numerous family sessions, Todd helped us learn, as a family, how to cope with our son’s behaviors. Once this happened, we learned more about some of the causes of our son’s behaviors, which helped in redirecting him into better activities. Thank you Todd for getting our family back on track.”

− T.G.

“My husband and I came to Todd for his help in telling our two children about our pending divorce. Although it was a very difficult process, Todd made the process as painless as possible. Both of our children felt very comfortable with Todd and his style. Todd was able to connect with both our son and daughter in a calm and empathetic manner. Thank you Todd for making yourself so available for us during that very difficult time. You are so good at what you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

− L.P.

Adolescent Therapy

“Dear Todd… It is with great pride and pleasure that we send you our son’s high school graduation announcement. We are so grateful for your wise counsel over these teenage years. Our son trusted you as a confidant and advocate. We would not be celebrating today with out all you have done. You are considered family. God has blessed us through you and we are grateful.”

− C&M

“My 16 year old began experimenting with drugs and alcohol. As a single mother, I did not have many to turn to. Todd was able to accurately assess and treat his alcohol/drug abuse. Both my son and I are especially grateful to Todd for making himself so available to both of us during our time of crisis. Thank you Todd for everything… I have referred, with confidence, my family and closest friends to Todd. Thank you so much.”

− J.R.

“Our 14 year old son was having difficult times both academically and socially. Todd was quickly able to build rapport with our son and diagnose what was going on. Through Todd’s guidance, my wife and I learned how to effectively parent him. Today, I am happy to say that our son is doing exceptionally well both academically and socially. Thanks Todd!”

− P.M.

Couples Therapy

“Todd, …my wife and I came to you in distress. After many years of marriage, our relationship was being tested on so many levels. We are grateful for your quick assessment and guidance. Both my wife and I felt you were compassionate and effective in your approach to resolving our needs. We are still doing very well and feel closer to each other than ever. Thanks again for being there for us!”

− C.P.

“My husband and I are part of a blended family. We both have children from previous marriages. We have been seeing Todd off and on for years. Todd has always been exceptional at helping my husband and I find “balance” between all the kid’s needs while still nourishing our marriage. Without Todd’s help, I truly don’t know if our marriage would have lasted. Todd’s background enabled him to quickly build rapport with my husband who was initially reluctant to seeing a therapist. Now he is the first one to call Todd for his assistance.”

− L.W.

Drug / Alcohol Addiction

“Todd….as you know I have a serious drug addiction (for many years) and was initially resistant to reach out to you for help. I have tried various therapists, sober living programs, and even residential treatment programs without much success. After speaking to you on the telephone and than seeing you in your office, I immediately felt understood. You obviously understand the drug addiction cycle and helped me develop my own treatment program that was realistic. You were able to set firm limits and goals with me: At the same time, you offered me so much support and guidance. Words can’t express my gratitude to you. I probably would not be alive today if you did not come into my life!”

− Z.T.

“Todd, at this point, you have seen my entire family for years. You have always made all of us feel heard and understood. You have helped all of us at different times deal with so many types of issues; from daily events to life and death crisis. You make yourself so available in those needed times and it is so much appreciated.”

− N.D.