The teenage years are significant in your child’s development. He or she is dealing with issues of self-identity, independence vs. dependence, peer pressure, parental expectations, drug experimentation, college preparation, relationships, self-esteem, and self-discovery to name a few.

I began my practice as a therapist who specializes in helping teenagers make the transition into well-adjusted young adults a smooth, peaceful and positive process. With over 25 years of both professional and personal experience in this area, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of teenagers. This helps me connect with them in a non-confrontational, yet very open, honest and direct fashion.

In turn, I am able to earn their trust, gain accurate insights into their “mental health” and help them develop ways to improve the relationship with themselves and those closest to them. As a result, I have been successful in helping families maintain and build healthy “win-win” relationships that promote mutual-respect, love, honesty and laughter.

"Dear Todd… It is with great pride and pleasure that we send you our son’s high school graduation announcement. We are so grateful for your wise counsel over these teenage years. Our son trusted you as a confidant and advocate. We would not be celebrating today with out all you have done. You are considered family. God has blessed us through you and we are grateful."

− C&M

"My 16 year old began experimenting with drugs and alcohol. As a single mother, I did not have many to turn to. Todd was able to accurately assess and treat his alcohol/drug abuse. Both my son and I are especially grateful to Todd for making himself so available to both of us during our time of crisis. Thank you Todd for everything... I have referred, with confidence, my family and closest friends to Todd. Thank you so much.”"

− J.R.

"Our 14 year old son was having difficult times both academically and socially. Todd was quickly able to build rapport with our son and diagnose what was going on. Through Todd’s guidance, my wife and I learned how to effectively parent him. Today, I am happy to say that our son is doing exceptionally well both academically and socially. Thanks Todd!"

− P.M.