After many years of working with individuals with different types of addictions, I have learned, and firmly believe, that there is no one type of treatment that works for everyone. My approach involves empowering the individual to come up with a treatment plan that addresses their specific issues related to their specific addiction.

I help my clients address unresolved psychological, behavioral, academic, family, occupational, and/or social issues that are typically present in addiction. The ultimate goal in treatment will be to learn effective coping strategies and tools to abstain from drug/alcohol use and to terminate the addictive cycle.

"Todd….as you know I have a serious drug addiction (for many years) and was initially resistant to reach out to you for help. I have tried various therapists, sober living programs, and even residential treatment programs without much success. After speaking to you on the telephone and than seeing you in your office, I immediately felt understood. You obviously understand the drug addiction cycle and helped me develop my own treatment program that was realistic. You were able to set firm limits and goals with me: At the same time, you offered me so much support and guidance. Words can’t express my gratitude to you. I probably would not be alive today if you did not come into my life!"

− Z.T.

"Todd, at this point, you have seen my entire family for years. You have always made all of us feel heard and understood. You have helped all of us at different times deal with so many types of issues; from daily events to life and death crisis. You make yourself so available in those needed times and it is so much appreciated."

− N.D.