Anyone who has been in a “healthy” relationship knows the powerful and positive feelings that it generates. However, creating that “healthy” relationship takes a commitment from both partners to jointly work together as a “team” to resolve life conflicts and ultimately build an incredible connection and relationship.

With over 20 years of experience in this area, both professionally and personally, I have found most successful relationships are built on mutual respect, trust, effective communication, having common goals, and having fun together.

As a Couples Therapist, I am committed to facilitating positive change in partners’ lives and will capitalize on what is already working favorably in the relationship. I take an objective approach and understand that each relationship presents with different strengths and weaknesses.

"Todd, …my wife and I came to you in distress. After many years of marriage, our relationship was being tested on so many levels. We are grateful for your quick assessment and guidance. Both my wife and I felt you were compassionate and effective in your approach to resolving our needs. We are still doing very well and feel closer to each other than ever. Thanks again for being there for us!"

− C.P.

"My husband and I are part of a blended family. We both have children from previous marriages. We have been seeing Todd off and on for years. Todd has always been exceptional at helping my husband and I find “balance” between all the kid’s needs while still nourishing our marriage. Without Todd’s help, I truly don’t know if our marriage would have lasted. Todd’s background enabled him to quickly build rapport with my husband who was initially reluctant to seeing a therapist. Now he is the first one to call Todd for his assistance."

− L.W.