I have been providing Individual Therapy since the inception of my clinical career. Many clients come to my practice wanting to resolve issues centering around anxiety, depression, anger, intimacy/relationship issues, identity issues, compulsions, and employment related concerns. I help individuals resolve their personal issues by providing an interactive, safe, caring, and confidential environment.

Together, we will explore their feelings, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors, and move towards accomplishing the desired goal(s). The ultimate goal in Individual Therapy is typically to increase the individual’s sense of his/her own well-being.

"Todd thanks for making yourself so available to us in our time of need. It feels good to know that you are close by and we can always make contact with you (especially in times of crisis). Your professionalism and compassion in your work is admired. I am sure we will be calling soon."

− J.P.

"I started seeing Todd years ago. I initially called Todd on the phone. He returned my call within a few hours. After talking with Todd over the phone, I felt relieved in that I knew Todd was the “right guy” for me. He immediately was able to build rapport and a connection with me. I am very confident in Todd’s ability to effectively and appropriately handle anything I present to him (please know, I have presented some serious stuff). Todd, thank you for always being in my corner!"

− A.A.